Behind The Stonewall - Gen Meade's Statue at Gettysburg

The Battlefield At Gettysburg

For the first three days in July 1863,  the Army of Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia brought the horrors of war to these fields in central Pennsylvania.  The documentary "The Civil War"  by Ken Burns sparked my imagination regarding this era of American history.  The epic "Gettysburg" and the novel "The Killer Angels" intrigued me enough to make a pilgrimage to this mystic battlefield.  It was different from what I expected after having seen all of the virtual tours on the internet, thus the genesis of this page.   I am not here to dispute what happened during the battle, I personally wasn't there.

Over 975 individual snapshots were stitched together using Live Pictures Photovista to bring these 46 panoramic images here for your viewing pleasure.   My biggest struggle was the map.  Thanks to the National Parks Service for providing the maps as public domain and making them available on the web.


Click on one of the purple circles or from the list below to view a 360 degree panoramic image from the battlefield . 

Depending upon you computer and connection it should take 1-4 minuets to bring up the pan.  

Once the panoramic image is completely loaded, the image will begin to spin.  You can then use your mouse to "look around." 

Users with Windows 3.1 will not be able to view the pans.

Some of the images were taken in March 1998,   November 1998, and the latest batch was taken in early February 1999. 

Work in Progress

At the request of many of our visitors for more information surrounding these panoramic images:

Descriptions for the Gettysburg images are provided  to you by:

W. G. Davis  

The * below indicates sites with historical reports and more detailed text associated with the panoramic image.  This is work in progress. 


Map Of Gettysburg

The Peace Light Memorial
Oak Hill *
The Cashtown Inn
McPherson's Ridge *
Gen. Reynolds Memorial *
Gen. Doubleday's Statue *
The Lutheran Seminary
Cemetery Hill - Gen. Hancock
Seminary Ridge
The National Cemetery
Gen. Slocum's Statue
  Gen. Geary's Statue-Culps Hill
Above Spangler Spring
Spangler Spring
Gettysburg Address Memorial
North Carolina Memorial
Virginia Memorial *
North Carolina Near The Angle
The Angle
Gen. Meade's Headquarters
Copse Of Trees (High Water Mark)
Pennsylvania Memorial
New York Memorial
Trostle Farm
Gen. Longstreet's Statue *
Mississippi Memorial
Peach Orchard *
The Wheatfield *
Sixth Corps Marker
Above The Valley Of Death
Gen. Sedgewick Statue
Little Round Top *
Little Round Top (summit)
Little Round Top (summit) *
20th Maine Monument *
Big Round Top (summit) *
Valley Of Death *
Below The Devils Den *
On Top Of The Devils Den *
The Devils Den Sharpshooter *
Triangular Field *
Gen. Hood's Launch *

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