Behind The Stonewall

Things That Go Bump In The Night...

Ghosts... Do they exist or don't they?  This topic provides some great evening entertainment in Gettysburg.  I have taken the ghost tours and read the books. I've been on the battlefield early in the morning by myself taking pans and driving around the battlefield after the sun has gone down with a car load of slightly tipsy women looking for these elusive specters.  For the most part, nothing out of the ordinary ever happens.

I spoke with Rock Thomas of Battlefield Tours in Chickamauga about the "ghosts" after our tour of the battlefield.  Let's just say that ghost stories aren't real big down there.

So I submit for your reading and viewing pleasure these two occurrences.  One in the Valley of Death and the other at the Cashtown Inn. 

Cannon Ghosts?

The Cannon Ghost Picture In The Valley Of Death

During one of my visits to Gettysburg, we went out one night to try and capture some unique shots.  All of the other photos came out perfectly normal except this one.  I was a clear spring night and I was laying on the ground using the car headlights to illuminate this cannon located in the Valley of Death.   I was ready to take the picture when I began to see stars, similar to the ones that you see after you have been hit on the head really hard.  Excitedly, I took the picture and ran into the car.  I asked my girlfriend if she saw anything unusual and she did not.

When I got the film back this photo had these strange marks on it.  So I sent this photo to the people who run the Ghost Web.  They tell me that I have captured a good photo of orbs of spiritual energy and they added it to their collection of spirit photography.   

You can decide for yourself.  I have done nothing to alter or enhance this image except for the jpeg compression so that it does not take 5 minuets to load on this page.  And as you can see I have taken my Hotmail name from the above photo.

Mysterious Necklace

When visiting Gettysburg, we often stay at the Cashtown Inn, about 8 miles from the battlefield.  During one of our visits the room that we stayed in had the little doll wearing a strand of beads that is pictured below.  Dennis, the innkeeper, told us how the beads would mysteriously move around the room, but recently the beads they had stopped moving since they were around the dolls neck.

The doll at the Cashtown InnSo, after a large dinner with friends and a few bottles of wine for the ladies.  We came back to the room, taunted the spirits and hung the beads on the post at the end of the bed.

At 5:30 am, the alarm went off and I went out to take my panoramic images of the battlefield.  During that time on a trip to the bathroom, my girlfriend had to side step the beads laying on the floor.  When I returned, the beads were around the doll's neck.  We both claim that neither one of us moved the beads.

Believe it or not...  You can jump to the Cashtown Inn's web page by clicking on the picture of the doll.

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